When is a back up not a back up?

At some point in your Business life, your business is likely to suffer a serious Data event. These can range in severity and scope from a simple computer hardware failure to an unrepairable virus attack that destroys or encrypts your data or its operational environment. Despite the warnings many Businesses owners still don’t realise the severity of the risk and grossly underestimate its probability of occurring to them. Others are duped into the belief that an Online Data backup is […]

Things You Need For Your Server Room

When looking for office space, most people consider the size of the meeting rooms, how big the working area will be for staff and what the reception looks like. While the position, logistics and aesthetics of the building are the obvious first considerations, the point that is most often overlooked in the early stages of assessing a potential site is Internet availability and quality. With business now almost 100% reliant on the internet for communications and data, this is an […]

Implementing a password to log onto your computer

In this day and age, your digital security is critical, whether at home or at the office. While many PC’s do come with a password login option automatically, this is not the case for all computers and knowing how to add or change a password can be a powerful tool. If you want to learn how, the below offers a step by step guide to adding a password to your computer. First, you need to define whether your computer is […]

I have a wireless device but my PC/laptop won’t connect to it

You just bought a new router to hook up to the Internet but for some reason your computer just won’t connect. This is not an uncommon problem and can be caused by a wide range of things. However, there are a few easy ways you can fix it yourself. The first option is to unplug the network cable/s and power from the modem, as well as all cables from the router. Leave everything unplugged and disconnected for up to a […]

Setting up an email with your own .com address

Many people don’t want an email address that offers you no choice in the domain name. Whether it’s Bigpond, Yahoo, Google Gmail or Bing Hotmail, the tail end of your email will often look unprofessional and impersonal. If you want your own name or business as the domain name, it is actually very easy to get the email you want. The following is a quick step by step guide to help you get a personalised email address.   Step 1 […]

I keep getting these annoying ads popping up, even when I’m not using the internet

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting down to use your computer only to be bombarded with an array of pop-up advertisements trying to sell you products you have little or no interest in. It’s become common place to have this experience whilst surfing the web. But what if this is still happening to you even when you’re offline? Generally this can be an indicator that some kind of program, malicious or benign, has sneakily installed itself on your PC – […]

My Email Is Not Sending And/Or Receiving

With much of our lives now spent in the digital world, communicating via email has become more of a necessity both at work and at home. While it is a fast and efficient way to communicate and send files and photos, sometimes our emailing system can have problems. One of the most common problems is having an issue with sending or receiving emails in Microsoft Outlook. This can be caused by a number of things and there are several ways […]

How To Free Up Space On Your Hard Drive

It’s easy to let your computer fill to the brim. We’ve all been there – photos, videos, software piles up and you’re left with a computer that is slow and buggy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a few simple tricks and tips, you can free up some space on your hard drive and speed up its processing power. The following are just a few ideas to get you started: Run Disk Cleanup Built into Windows is […]

Managed Services Traps

With the evolution of service delivery in the IT sector moving into a managed services phase, many more businesses are discovering the benefits of a fixed price service plan to meet their IT requirements. For many businesses seeking an Information Technology Partner, the challenge then becomes sifting through the various details and fine print of the many and varied service plans on offer.  With Information Technology service delivery starting to look more and more like a mobile phone plan, it […]

How to fix internet or network issues?

It is not uncommon for your internet or network to stop working unexpectedly. Thankfully, these types of issues can be resolved quickly and easily in most situations. The first thing you can do is try to ping an address. This is a simple test to establish data connectivity. To ping, click your Start Menu, choose ‘Run’, then type ‘cmd’ into the textbox of the ‘Run’ dialog box and press enter. You should now have a black window with a DOS […]